Sprague & Sprague is a preeminent law firm founded by legendary trial lawyer Richard A. Sprague.  We are dedicated to our clients and untiring in our investigation, preparation and advocacy.  Sprague & Sprague is known for its tenacious spirit and innovative thinking, and takes pride in its ability to handle a broad range of cases, many of which are in the public eye, all with the same, full commitment to excellence and success.

          Sprague & Sprague is unusual in many ways.  There are few limits to the types of cases we undertake.  Our firm has litigated at the trial and appellate levels almost every imaginable civil and criminal dispute.  From the defense of fundamental constitutional and civil rights, to securing justice for physically injured individuals, to prevailing in commercial disputes or redeeming the reputation of defamed individuals, Sprague & Sprague zealously represents its clients, whether plaintiffs or defendants, in every arena, from boardrooms to administrative agencies to state and federal courts.

          Unlike other law firms, most of Sprague & Sprague’s attorneys have more than 20 years of diverse legal experience so that every client -- whether an individual, a non-profit organization or a Fortune 500 company -- receives quality legal analysis and polished courtroom advocacy from seasoned attorneys.

          We have steadfastly resisted the temptation to expand, preferring to maintain a streamlined, responsive and creative team environment.  As a result, the lawyers of Sprague & Sprague have proven to be the toughest of adversaries, successfully opposing firms of all sizes, including the very largest and the most highly specialized.

          Sprague & Sprague takes on cases and clients the Firm believes in.  There are, we believe, very few firms of our size in the country which handle such significant and varied matters.  Indeed, clients -- including highly respected members of the Bench and Bar -- come to Sprague & Sprague with virtually every kind of dispute, and our attorneys thrive on the variety of the firm’s practice.  At Sprague & Sprague, we take pride in our resourceful and innovative approach to complex and challenging legal problems, and the high regard in which we are held by the judiciary and our fellow attorneys.

          At Sprague & Sprague, we rise to the unique challenges which each matter presents.  We handle each case with the same fighting spirit and zeal which every client deserves.