Representation of elected and appointed public officials and governmental agencies and departments, as well as of taxpayers and businesses victimized by governmental action.

Examples of our representation in this practice area include:

• We represented courts in securing governmental funding to provide necessary court functions and administer justice.

• The Firm provided assistance to a district attorney’s office in the preparation of appellate briefs and the presentation of oral argument concerning issues of statewide importance.

• We represented community groups in negotiations with team owners and the local municipality concerning the planned construction of two new municipal sports stadiums, securing very favorable modifications to the design and operation of the facilities and the creation of a municipally-funded neighborhood improvement district to guarantee that the promises made to the neighbors would be fulfilled.

• We represented an interstate governmental agency in seeking to implement a massive infrastructure project affecting a major shipping route, requiring significant participation by the federal government.

• When county commissioners had repeatedly failed to provide a county district attorney with adequate funding and space, we successfully represented the district attorney in a suit against the commissioners.

• We successfully represented a Pennsylvania county in overturning on appeal to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania a lower court decision declaring a major source of its tax revenue unconstitutional, in opposing a Petition for Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme Court of the United States, and in developing and implementing a program to preserve the tax benefits on remand to the trial court

• When a taxpayer brought suit challenging a county’s procedures for hearing tax appeals relating to a county tax, Sprague & Sprague successfully represented the county in having the suit dismissed for lack of merit.

• We secured on behalf of our clients, a city and county charged with building a major public facility, a significant reversal by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania of an intermediate appellate court decision voiding the special purpose tax intended to fund the facility, and we obtained a complete victory for our clients on remand to the trial court.

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