Representation of plaintiffs and defendants in claims against professionals, including attorneys, engineers, accountants, insurance brokers and healthcare providers.

Examples of our representation in this practice area include:

• Sprague & Sprague successfully tried a medical malpractice case in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on behalf of the mother of a 32 day-old baby girl who died from whooping cough against a pediatric practice and its physicians for failure to diagnose and treat the child, securing a $4 million jury verdict, which is believed to be the highest medical malpractice verdict in a death case in Lancaster County history. We also were able to secure a pretrial settlement on behalf of that child’s mother from a nurse practitioner of the pediatric practice for an additional $600,000.

• The Firm obtained an eight-figure settlement in a legal malpractice action against two prominent law firms for damages sustained by our client due to the firms’ delayed processing of patent filings.

• We successfully obtained a new trial for our injured client following a defense verdict and secured on appeal a landmark decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that evidence of a patient’s consent to surgery after being informed of the risks is generally irrelevant and must be excluded in a case sounding in medical negligence.

• We successfully tried a medical malpractice case involving the wrongful death of a 76 year old man who died following colorectal surgery, securing for our client a $6.5 million jury verdict—one of the largest in the state for the wrongful death of a person more than 75 years old.

• When our clients’ multimillion dollar home was gutted by fire and their insurance proved inadequate, Sprague & Sprague brought suit against and obtained a favorable settlement from their insurance broker who had misrepresented the extent of the coverage.

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